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My name is Cody Christopher Pratt, I am 25 and I am a content writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I began taking my writing pretty seriously during the high school years. I would drive over to my grandmother's house almost everyday after school and she would tutor me. Most afternoons were spent analyzing 1984, or classic Poe thrillers. Today, I am a blog, social media, email campaign, article writer.

Golf Style: Justin Thomas’s U.S. Open Apparel Script

After a tremendous start to the season, Justin Thomas will be attempting to capture his first major title this week. With Erin Hills set up to play as one of the longest U.S Open courses in history, you cannot count out Thomas who can launch with the best of them. Today, Thomas, like many others, displayed his (Polo Golf) attire for his four rounds in Wisconsin. Thomas, who is known by many for his close ties to Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler is making a name for himself, and could expand on

Selling Your Stuff Can Clear More Than Physical Space

A friend of mine recently told me that he felt weighed down by the amount of belongings he had. If he wanted to move, the constant worry of “I don’t have room for this stuff” would always haunt him. After disposing of furniture, clothes and misc, he felt more free. Today, he can move anywhere he desires, not limited by physical space and concern. I have found myself in a similar predicament. In just three weeks I will be moving out of my parents house to embark on the next chapter of my life, “

3 Benefits: Becoming a Fyt Coach – CodyChristopher –

On-demand services are the latest hit. With the ability to access a large work force of independent contractors, services can be provided on a bigger scale and more people can go to work! Unlike having a car to ride in or a grocery list to shop for, a Fyt Coach will provide a motivating figure in your life to assist you in being the best you! A Fyt Coach is more than just a personal trainer. Sticking to a routine and making a change takes a lot, sometimes more than we can manage. With the get

The First Steps in Buying a House May Not Be What You Think

The biggest investment you may ever make is in a home. While that may seem like a challenge, there are simple tasks you can accomplish to make the process easier and even more so, informative. From evaluating your credit score to finding the ideal real estate agent, here are the simple first steps in buying a house you should take. Your Credit Score is a three digit number that can most likely make or break your chance at buying a home. The higher the number indicates you are proactive with p

Vitamin N (Nature) and Recovery

Recovery from alcohol and substance use is a long process, and the isolation of the winter months can be challenging. Now that Spring is here, and with the longer, sunny days, comes the outdoor activities, and a way to keep active as part of recovery. Here are some ways exploring the outdoors can benefit recovery. Many experts have looked to wilderness therapy as a way to help people recovering from alcohol and substance use while boosting overall health through exercise and mindfulness. Unlike

The Rest Will Follow: Improving Sleep and Overall Mental Health

Getting a good night's sleep is the key to recharging our body and mind. Eight hours is the recommended time to fully rest, allowing the best version of ourselves to wake up with energy to conquer the day ahead. While eight hours suffices as the ideal amount of time for sleep, there are some factors that can prevent us from feeling rested. Our often sedentary lifestyle and electronics addiction can be detrimental to our physical and mental health, but simple solutions can resolve these unhealthy

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